Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's A Monkey on My Back

The Coffin Hop goes Live tomorrow! And for some of us, those of us who will be awake, tomorrow starts at 12:01 am. The Coffin Hop Page on my Website will be up and running as of midnight tonight. Stop by, jump from site to site, play games, read stories, maybe win some prizes!
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My hands get all twitchy and my mouth starts watering. I know I can get my hands on some, it would be so damn easy. No one's watching me, and I have the cash. I try, I really try. I walk away, but it almost feels like the stuff is calling me. I circle back to where I can get it, and do a walk-by. Did anybody look at me funny, are they keeping an eye on me?
I don't think so.
It feels safe.
I know I should just walk away, I try again to walk away, but it's like I can't steer my feet, like they are stuck in the same track that keeps circling back toward my personal demon. The money is in my hand, though I don't recall actually taking it from my pocket. With trembling fingers I pick some up. Then more. Then more. I pay my money and slink away, not making eye-contact with anyone walking near me. I know they'll see my shame.
I hustle to the car and slip inside. I don't even wait until I'm home safe, I can't wait. I tear open one of the packets and toss one, then two and three of the things into my waiting mouth, chewing and chewing, waiting for the rush ...
... my body relaxes as my hands stop twitching. My jaw works and works, filling my mouth with chocolaty caramelly goodness...
Milk Duds. It's an addiction born in Hell!!

Talk to you later!