Wednesday, November 9, 2011

That Smarts

My son is pretty smart. I know all parents say that about their kids, but he is. He's not a genius or anything, I'm not saying anything like that, but he's pretty bright about somethings. He figures things out. He also has quite a memory about some things. He can't remember to clean his room, or put his dished in the sink once he's finished a meal half the time, but if you mention to that kid you might give him a dollar then you better be prepared to follow through, because your casual remark is now burned into his brain as a solid promise, and he means to hold you to it.
Here's the problem with having a smart kid. Well, one of the problems, the one that whacked me in the face this afternoon. He likes to explain things. He's not all snotty about it, like 'I know something you don't know', but he genuinely wants to share what knowledge he has. It's kind of cute, sometimes. Like just a few minutes ago, as I was waiting for him while he plays with some of the other kids after school, he was explaining something to a girl who was playing Wall-Ball with him. I overheard him, and he sounded quite earnest in his explanation, repeating himself a few times to make sure she understood completely.
“Dink,” he was saying, “means penis. When you call someone a dink, you're calling them a penis.”
She just stared at him, so he repeated the entire lesson for her.
“'Dink' means 'penis'”, I heard him explain, enunciating clearly for her benefit. “And 'dinky' means 'small'. So, if you say someone is a 'dinky dink', then you're calling them a 'small penis'. Or saying that they have a small penis …”
The explaining may have gone on further, but I think the part of my brain that allows me to hear his voice shut down for a while, so I would not have to listen to my 9-year-old son explaining about penises to a 9-year-old girl.
On school grounds.
I'm sure we'll get a phone call sometime.
Think they'll laugh if I suggest to them that he teach Sex-Ed?
...yeah. Me neither.

I know I should be all concerned, and I am, I swear I am, but ... there's a little tiny part of me that's proud too.
Twisted, huh?

Talk to you later!

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