Saturday, November 5, 2011

Technology Bytes

Sometimes I have difficulty with technology.
Please, let me explain.
I ran into something on the plane trip to Denver that I had never seen before. Every seat on the plane had a small video screen set into the back of it. Now, this sounds great, except that I didn't have any headphones, so i had no sound. I know I could have rented a set of their headphones for just $2.00, but I wasn't going to be watching it anyway. I was planning on writing as much as I could. And I did. The problem was that the battery in my laptop here died a lot faster than I though it would. With no warning, no alert or alarm, and the battery indicator said it was fine. It just died.
Luckily I had just saved my work (such as it was) and I wasn't too worried that I had lost anything. Instead I dozed a lot. But when I wasn't dozing, there was that silent video screen. I had no idea how to turn it off, or even change the channel, though I saw others in the plane doing both. I was far too lazy to simply ask for instructions or help, and I watched the screen whenever I was awake. It was some sort of video loop, and I kept seeing the same things go on over and over again. There were three music videos that caught my eye.
Again and again.
There was one that looked like a lot of fun. The kids in it were dressed up like it was the 50's, and in some parts they seemed to be re-creating parts of the movie Grease. Like right at the end of the video they have a drag race, like at the end of Grease, except in this video they were racing Cooper Minis, which kind of cracked me up.
So I watched this video nine times. That I know if. All in complete silence. It looked like fun but I never heard a word.
Well, this evening when I sat down to Blog, wondering exactly what the hell I was going to write about, I saw a picture on my Yahoo homepage of the kid from another video I saw that day, No sound for that one either, but I did see the video a few times. So I watched that video, and the decided to watch that other one, the one I saw nine times with never a word. I typed the name of the artist (which I had seen at the end of the video, nine times) into my search engine and hit "Enter". The video I wanted popped up-
-and my laptop died, battery dead, shutting down with no warning, no alert or alarm.
I got up and got out the cord, and plugged the laptop in.
Apparently my laptop battery had just enough life left to allow me to watch one, yes, say it with me, ONE music video. Three and a half minutes. Maybe. And then it dies.
I know you can't tell this just from looking at me, but I'm freaking out inside right ow.
Does anyone have a spare laptop battery handy?
I thought not.

I'm going to bed. But first I'm going to plug my machine firmly into a wall and watch that #$%@ing video!

Talk to you later!

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