Sunday, November 20, 2011

How am I Cute?

Just a quick story to let you know what I'm dealing with here.
Last night, Handsome was at his cousin's 11th birthday party. She has an older sister, who is 13 or 14. I'll call them Young Cousin (YC) and Older Cousin (OC). OC had a friend there, one of her best friends, whom I'll call M. The party was at the Roller Rink, and as soon as I could strap some skates on the kid, Handsome was out there zooming around. About five minutes after that, he was coming around the bend with OC on one side and M on the other, all holding hands in a short human chain.
When my 9-year old Handsome came around the bend holding hands with two of the prettiest 13 or 14 year old girls at the party, a huge grin stretching his face near to snapping his cheeks, I had to go get my camera. Handsome is pretty big for his age - most people guess he's 11 or 12.
Well, it was dark in there, and the lighting is all colored and strobe, so none of my pictures of the little ladies man in action came out, but he had fun, they had fun, and a couple of their other friends who got a kick out of Handsome had fun. Most of the other boys were skating after each-other, playing tag and roughhousing, but Handsome skated with his pretty crew for most of the night. A good time was had by all.
Shift to today, this afternoon. We happened to see M this morning while we were out, and she went out of her way to come say hi to Handsome. I am getting a huge kick out of this. He was a cross between cool and goofy; he tried to pull off cool, but it collapsed on him and he wound up all smiley with a little blush.
We were driving away, and I had to poke a little fun.
Had to.
I'm his Dad. It's in the contract.
"So, M came to say hi, huh?"
"So... how is she today?"
There was a little blushing going on now. Him, not me.
"You guys skated together a lot last night, didn't you?"
"That was her! She kept skating with me, and asking 'Who do you like? Who do you like here at the party?', and I was like 'Dude! I'm 9! I don't like like anybody! Not like like, like that!'"
Rudolph's nose didn't blush this big. This was fun.
"Oh, did she now?"
"Yes! And she kept saying I was cute, 'you're so cute' she said."
He looked at me and threw up his hands.
"How am I cute? I'm 9 and I have body-odor! How is that cute?"

I almost wrecked us laughing while driving.

Handsome, if that's your only problem we'll buy you a lifetime supply of deodorant and other boys around the world will just have to learn to hate you.

Talk to you later!