Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bend Your Knees

Sometimes, I know I have mentioned it before, Handsome and I go to the local Roller Rink and skate for the afternoon. We started a few years ago, and while he was learning to skate for the first time I was trying to re-learn what I had forgotten more than 20 years before. I did pretty well, too, and I've had one fall in the 3-4 years we have been going there. hat wasn't really much of a fall, either. It happened right after we started going there, and I was skating behind little Handsome trying to act as a living safety net. The little guy went down, and I went down while trying to catch him. I wound up catching myself on my palms and feet, trying not to crush him.
That was barely a fall. 
So today, as I was skating around, I was offering advice to some of the younger kids out there. 
"Bend your knees," I would say as I swept past some poor kid who was stiff-legged and trying desperately to keep his balance through arm waving. "Stay lower!"
I told several kids through the course of the afternoon. "Bend your knees! Bend your knees!"
Well, I bent my knees. And my back, my neck, my right arm and my left rear cheek. And some ribs, in there somewhere, it feels like. I finally fell down, and when I did, it was huge! I started out moving fast, but then I rolled. I sprawled. I slid. It didn't hurt that much when it happened, but there was plenty of time for people to notice me falling, and then time for people to see me landing, and the look on people's faces as they watched me skid to a stop was Holy @#$%! I think he's dead!
I popped right back up.
"Oh my God, are you ok?"
"Oh, sure, I'm fine. You just have to stay loose."
Luckily it was time for Handsome and me to leave, because I was talking out my bruised and painful butt. I walked out the door, and then limped the rest of the way to the Jeep.

I am going to be so sore tomorrow!

Talk to you later! (If I can get out of bed, that is...)

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