Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So Now the Pig Has a Chin...

All day long, people talking to me about how wonderful the weather was today. That's all I can think about.

All the 'you must love this', and 'lucky you, out in this all day', and 'I wish I had your job today' stuff.

It was sunny and what they call 'unseasonably warm', reaching just about 80 degrees. I do not like 80 degrees. I can't really take 80 degrees very well, (See entry titled "No Sweat, No Problem, Not Really" for more on that. or better yet, just put 'anhidrosis' into the little search field at the top of this blog.) so I spent the day walking around feeling worse and worse and wishing it weren't quite so early in the season so people would have their hoses out. I would have liked it if they had their hoses out.

Oh well.

So I had a crappy day, and I still feel lousy, and all I can think about is those damn cheerful people telling me how lucky I am.

But you, dear reader, did not come here to witness more bitching. Since I was recently sick I'm pretty sure I used up this whole month's complaining allowance already. Since all I can think of is those damn people, it's like writer's block - I can't think of anything funny to tell you today.

Instead, please allow me to take up the next four and a half minutes of your day sharing the funniest thing I've seen - Christopher Walken telling a children's story. What can I say, I love this guy!

I'm taking my headache to bed.

Talk to you later!

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