Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just One of Those Faces

Alright, my whole life I've been meeting people who say I look familiar.  I've never met them before, but there's something about me that's hard for them to put their finger on that causes them to ask "Are you sure we've never met before?" I tell them I just have one of those faces. I mean, some people do, right? They just look familiar because they have a common look, or hairstyle, or they follow a particular popular style of dress, something like that. That kind of thing happens all the time, right?

Then there are the people who look like someone else, someone famous. "Oh my gosh, you know who you look like? A skinny Peter Delouise! I mean, exactly!" Or a young someone. That's a good one too. "You look like a young Burt Reynolds! You could be his brother! Well, like 30-40 years ago, I mean." So you look like you could have been related to someone way back before you were born. Not the easiest connection to make, but the subconscious is a powerful thing, easily making connections and sometimes drawing conclusions that we'd have a hard time coming up with if we were really thinking about them.

Well, that's what it is in my case. I look a lot like someone famous, but he's quite a bit older than I am so sometimes people have a hard time consciously making the connection their subconscious made in a split-second. I'm here to clear up the whole thing for you, so the next time you see me you can say "Hey, you know who you look like...?"

Mr. Clean
Me Clean

Erie, isn't it? It's like twins, separated at birth, only born many years apart. 

I think I'm catching up on him, though.

And, of course, one's just a cartoon...

So, what do you think? Should I be getting commercial royalties or something?

Talk to you later!

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