Sunday, March 18, 2012

Note to Self

I felt well enough this afternoon to get myself out of my room and take a little trip over to Handsome's for a visit. I showered, plunked my butt down in my Jeep and headed over there, seeing him for the 1st time in 3 days. I, having pretty much been in lock-down isolation for two and a half days, had no idea it was like 75 degrees when I was getting ready to go over there. I figured it out when I got out to the car, in time to take off the jacket I had put on for the trip.

When I arrived, Handsome was out back playing on the deck in the back yard. Aware that my playing options were limited, since I had all the stored energy of a rag doll on Quaaludes, I offered to play a game of 'Horse' with him. We found the basketball, and the game began.  Handsome was very happy to win 2 out of 3 games before I had to stop and stagger into the house and have a seat at the dining room table, where I had left my stuff.

Note to Self:

When already quite heat-sensitive, especially to the build-up of internally generated heat from physical work that is unable, due to your lack of an ability to perspire, to bleed off, fever exacerbates the condition.

In other words, when you usually run into overheating trouble working or playing, even lightly, in 75 degree temperatures when starting at your normal temperature of 97.5 (my usual, 'healthy' temperature), working or playing, even lightly, with a starting temperature of 100.1 gets you into trouble even faster.

To make sure I understand this when I read it later: work or play, even lightly, in any kind of warm temperatures, when you are already pretty heat sensitive, while you have a fever, is a recipe for taking a forced nap after 10-15 minutes. For at least 20 minutes. No matter how uncomfortable a chair or position you've chosen, or how crippled this nap will make you upon awakening.

That is all.


Talk to you later!

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