Saturday, March 24, 2012


This evening Handsome and I watched a movie before he went to bed. As I was putting the DVD into the machine, I made the mistake of asking him "So, you want popcorn with the movie?"

I couldn't help it. It was reflex. Movies and popcorn, I mean they go together like franks and beans, Calvin and Hobbes, movies and popcorn... wait, I've just done that one...

Anyway, like I said, it was reflex. I asked without thinking. I know this, because what I would have been thinking, had I been thinking, was okay you dufus, you are about to ask Handsome to eat popcorn in your bed!

"Yes, sure," was his answer.

So I, still unthinking and working entirely on autopilot, went downstairs and popped up two bags of microwave popcorn. That way we can each have our own, I reasoned, and avoid fighting over the bag during the movie.

You see, I was thinking, on some level. But not all of them. I was thinking on the mental level of a guy watching a movie, not on the mental level where I'm the father of a boy who occasionally makes the Peanuts character of Pig-Pen look like the 'after' portion of a soap commercial. I was all the way back upstairs and handing him the steaming bag of discharged kernels when I began to realize my mistake.

"Okay, I am asking you to try, to try mind you, not to make a mess in my bed with the popcorn, alright?"

In one's lifetime there are a finite number of breaths one draws. When these run out, your number's up, so, in essence, each breath we take is a digit in the countdown that is our life, and each one is thus more precious than we can say.

So why, oh why, did I waste one asking that question?

For the record, I'd like to say that he did try. When the movie was over it only took 5-6 minutes of picking with my fingertips to get up all the parts and specks of popcorn that I could see. Of course, that was only the specks that I could see. I'm sure I'll be finding little edible white chunks in my bed for a long time to come.

Since I shower at night before bed, I just hope that I don't get to work in the morning and have someone find a little popcorn that managed to stick itself to the back of my head in the night.

That might be embarrassing.

Talk to you later!

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