Thursday, March 15, 2012


The last thing I do every morning before I leave for work is to check the weather. I work outside, and I’m a little temperature sensitive, so it’s become kind of a habit. A sensible one. It’s been pretty warm of later, so I’ve already made the springtime shift to shorts for work. It’s easier to control my overheating issue if I err on the side of caution; I can always put on long pants later if I’m that cold.

So, according to this morning’s AccuWeather Forecast the town I work in was supposed to be mostly sunny today, with a high of 44-46 degrees. Not shorts weather for everyone, but I do tend to overheat, and if you’re exerting yourself in the sunshine, especially while wearing a sweatshirt, you can generate plenty of heat. I decided to stick with the shorts.

Well, I set up my route and got it out there on the road. The sky was gray and overcast, but I had faith that the ‘mostly sunny’ was just around the corner. Every once in a while I would run into a customer. They would usually look down at my bare legs and ask “What, you think it’s Summer?”

I had a few answers I ran through while I gave them all big smiles, like “This’ll break,” and “Spring has sprung,” and “I’m just optimistic!” The longer the day wore on, though, the less optimistic I felt.

The morning passed. No sun.

I had lunch. No sun.

The afternoon wore on. Nope, no sun.

Eventually I had just four streets left on my route, just about an hour’s work. Well, I thought, I hope the sunny part comes soon, ‘cuz I’m running out of day here!

That’s when it started to rain.

I had more thoughts then, but I can’t reproduce them here, as my Nana occasionally reads my blog.

Hi Nana!

So I finished my route in a drizzle, optimism a thing of the past, waiting for the downpour to strike. It didn’t, but I discovered a new mathematical formula today. It goes like this:

44 degrees + cold drizzle + shorts - sunshine = “those ain’t kneecaps, they’re goosebumps”

Yeah... those ain't kneecaps, and my nipples were so hard all day I ruined the front of a brand new shirt!

'Cuz that's how I roll!

Talk to you later!

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