Sunday, March 4, 2012


Handsome had a play date this afternoon. Unusually, it was one that I set up rather than his mom. I went to pick the boy up (I'll call him TF for the remainder of this blog) while Handsome was finishing up his lunch, and brought him over to Handsome's house like the World's Lowest Paid Chauffeur. TF came with me, and when I opened the door to the house for  him and stood aside for him to enter he did so without hesitation, unerringly threading his way through the house to Handsome's room though, to my knowledge, it was his first time in the house.

Maybe it was the astonishingly loud sounds of a video game blasting through the house that did it.

Anyway, they spent almost 4 hours in Handsome's room playing video games. They were animated, talking (shouting) the whole time, and I was able to overhear much of their conversation.

Actually, I was unable to avoid overhearing almost all of their conversation. Even after I closed his bedroom door. All of it was at full volume, and Handsome's amps go to 11 (See This is Spinal Tap). Since I couldn't help but hear it, I managed to make a short list of some of the common words used by the boys, as well as definitions gleaned from hearing the word or phrase used in context.


  • Dude!
    • "Greetings, TF, so good to see you, glad you're here!"
  • Dude!
    • "Thank you Handsome, glad to be here. Thank you for having me."
      (No, he did not actually call him 'Handsome', but if he did I would have laughed my @$$ off!)
  • Dude!
    • "Would you care to care to join me in this video game I am currently playing?"
  • Dude!
    • "Why, yes, I would! Thank you for asking!"
  • Dude!
    • "Excellent maneuver, my friend!"
  • Dude!
    • "Thank you."
  • Dad, can we have some Cheeze-its?
    • "Dad, can we have some Cheeze-its?"
  • Dude?
    • "I say, TF, would you care to partake of these Cheeze-its I managed to procure from my wonderful and generous father?"
  • Dude!
    • "I most certainly would. Thank you very much."
Things went on in this vein for the duration of the visit, until Handsome and I were dropping TF off at his home  when the play date was over. They parted thusly:

  • Dude.
    • "Thank you for coming, TF, I certainly enjoyed having you over."
  • Dude!
    • "Thank you for having me. I had a wonderful time. We must do this again sometime! Next week, perhaps?"
  • Dude!
    • "Excellent! I'll check my schedule and pencil you in!"

Honestly, it brought a tear to my eye.

Talk to you later, Dudes!

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