Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wrestling Dad

Handsome is getting ready for a wrestling match on Sunday.

I like the way the coaches run his practices. There is no, repeat, no, parent coaching from the sidelines.

"If you feel you know that much about wrestling," they said on the first day of practice, "then you should be out here on the mats assisting the coaches. Talk to us about it. But if you're not out on the mat, you're not coaching."

I, having grown up hearing soccer dads when I was younger, and as an adult having sat next to soccer and football dads at Handsome's games, I've really appreciated this little rule

Tonight, though, was the first time a parent, a dad of course, lost it a little and started shouting encouragement from the sidelines.

He wasn't too loud about it, but there were definitely some audible words coming from the cheap seats. Cries like "Good, good!", and "Punch through! Punch through like the coach told you!" were heard, and they were getting louder. The guy was trying to stifle himself, even physically covering his own mouth, but he couldn't seem to control himself, and he was getting louder.

It didn't seem to bother the coaches; they didn't react at all.  Maybe he didn't get loud enough to bother them, I don't know. What I do know is that some of the parents started shooting the guy dirty looks. He, however, remained undeterred, actually becoming a little louder in his encouragement.

I mean, what the hell, I'm not going to let a bunch of parents tell me what to do!


Talk to you later!

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