Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Hint

This morning Handsome lay there in bed until I asked him if he wanted breakfast.
"Sure," he said, but he didn't sound enthusiastic about the idea.
"Aren't you hungry?"
And that was all he wanted to say on the matter. I was sitting in front of my     computer, and I looked at the emails that had rolled in overnight.
"Tell you what'" I said' "you just tell me when you get hungry and I'll start     making some pancakes, okay?"
He sighed. "Fine."
I got to work on my email. I moved from that to FaceBook. Somewhere in there      Handsome got up and went downstairs in search of a television. "You can make the  pancakes whenever," he said as he exited.
I moved from FaceBook back to the email, and then to my Blog. Then back to        FaceBook. My writing project was still open from earlier in the morning, so I     popped that back up the front of my screen and started banging in a few more   words. I was about 200 words into it when I heard Handsome on the stairs. I      swiveled my chair toward the door as he came in.
"Hey, Handsome, what's up?"
He didn't answer me, instead taking hold of my wrist and pulling me to my feet.
"You okay?" I said, but he still did not answer, just tugged me toward the door. I allowed him to lead me through the door and down the stairs, leading me,       without speaking, all the way to the doorway to the kitchen.
"What's going on?" I asked again, but still he made no reply. Instead he made a   sudden move, dropping behind me. I felt his hands on the small of my back and   then a sudden thrust as he launched me into the kitchen with all the force       available to his 120 lb frame.
I stumbled to a halt and turned to see him marching away, still without uttering a word, toward the television once more.

"Oh," I called after him, "I take it you're hungry now? Shall I get started on    those pancakes?"
He (surprise, surprise) made no reply. I, however, can recognize a hint, no      matter how subtle.

I made the pancakes.

Talk to you later!

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