Monday, January 16, 2012

Mail Bag! 1-16-2012

1st Mailbag of 2012!!
(And it's no more promising this year!)

This is the Digital Deals Special of my Mail Bag series! I got plenty of ridiculous emails in my Junk Mail folder in the past 30 days, but when I was sifting through the pile the name “Digital Deals” kept popping up again and again. What I'd like to do this month, in a little effort to get the New Year started off right, is to pull out a few of those emails from those marketing wizards at Digital and give you my 1st impressions of them. Never even opened them, just saw the subject and reacted. Think I bought anything? We'll see. Ready to give it a read? Okay then!

  • Digital Deals: "Can you answer this question?"
    • Yes! Yes I can! And that is the correct answer to your question! Duh!

  • Digital Deals: "I have never used a more effective product"
    • Good for you! That't terrific! Great news, love to hear it!
      ... Uh... effective for what?

  • Digital Deals: "Wow- I should have bought more"
    • Okay, you buy more. If I don't buy any, that means there will be all the more for you! See that? I'm there for you, pal!

  • Digital Deals: "Yes we have them - Clip-In-Hair-Feather-Extensions - Our deal can't be beat!"
    • No, I don't have any - hair for your Clip-In-Hair-Feather-Extensions - Your deal isn't necessary! Bowling balls have more hair than me - Don't you people even look at your target audience?

  • Digital Deals: "They Giggle, Wiggle and Dance!"
    • Terrific. So do I of you buy me enough booze. I could wind up going to jail, though. Maybe you should too... let me make a phone call...

Okay, that's about all I have for now. Of course, I had quite a few emails that could have been included here, but for their sheer tenacity coupled with an almost complete lack of sense, Digital Deals won my Fantastically Frequent Foolishness Award for the months of December/January, an very important and prestigious award that I just made up on the spot.

Think they'll show up to collect?

Me neither.

Talk to you later!

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