Sunday, January 1, 2012

Handsome's Little Project

"Dad? Can you bring the pipes?"
"I'll see if Home Depot is open on the way there, okay? If they are, I'll buy the pipes and we can get started."
A dinosaur. Handsome had related his plan to make a dinosaur to me just the other day, and it was all he'd been talking about since then. What he wanted to do was fashion a framework out of chicken wire and then cover it with paper mache to form a dinosaur statue. When I asked him just how large a statue he wished to make, he held a hand about four feet above the ground. That seemed a little tall for just shaped chicken wire. I pictured him getting frustrated with it and then me finding a large ball of smooshed chicken wire in the trash some night. I suggested making a kind of skeleton, or framework, with some PVC piping, and then he could shape the wire to that; it would give him a basic shape to work with as well as support for the whole thing. He loved the idea, and all I had to do was get the PVC - this is the 'pipes' he was asking about.
Well, Home Depot was open, and I did pick up his 'pipes'. He seemed quite excited when I got there, I mean, he'd been talking about his plan for two days, right? I took some measurements, wrote them down, and told him we needed to cut the PVC.
"I'll get my shoes," he said, and then disappeared further into the house. I went up to the shed, where the chop-saw is. I cut the first group of pieces.
No Handsome yet.
I made the second set of cuts, for the second set of pieces.
Still no Handsome.
I finished all the cutting and carried the pile of pieces back to the house.
"Handsome?" I stood in the kitchen and called out his name.
"Just a minute," came his reply from up the hall.
I waited a few minutes, then began putting the pieces together.
Still no Handsome.
Eventually I carried the completed PVC frame into the hall and, following my ears, into the TV room. I put it down in the middle of the room, between Handsome and the television.
"Wow, Handsome! This is one sweet dinosaur you made here!"

Talk to you later!

P.S. - I'd like to thank everyone who has supported, enjoyed, or even just read my blog over the past few months. Whether you've left me Comments here on the blog, talked to me through FaceBook, or simply come by to anonymously read my semi-coherent babbling every once in a while (and driven my 'page hits' up in the bargain), I appreciate it. Just the thought that my writing this blog has made someone laugh or smile, and possibly come back for more, has given me a terrific feeling again and again, and I thank all of you for that.

Now, go out there and have the best 2012 you can. I'll stay here and fumble along as best I can, hopefully tossing about smiles in the bargain.

Happy New Year!


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