Thursday, January 19, 2012

Running Out Of Ti

I need to try to get my blog done on my lunch. It just seems to work out better that way - I don't wind up scrambling in the evening or even the night, with midnight as a deadline, trying to get something down. Especially when I have no idea what I'm going to write about.

That's my problem today. I don't know what to put down here. I made sure I brought my little Sylvania Netbook with me this morning. My little netbook that I refer to as my 'Little Beastie'' that cost me only $100 at CVS, which isn't really good for anything but the tiniest bit of writing. I made sure it was charged up and good to go, and now I've had it in front of me for the last 20 minutes, just trying to think of what to write. I've been sitting here so long that I have less than 10 minutes left on my lunch. I've decided to try a little stream if consciousness writing to hopefully unlock an idea from somewhere in this head of mine. I'm just going to write down whatever comes into my head until I get an idea, then I can write about that and erase all this stuff and just give you the post. I just hope that I get some idea before I run out of lunch time so I can at least get it started to finish later.

Oh! I have an idea! Terrific, I can just-

Dammit! The low battery warning just popped up on the Little Beastie! Crap! I could have sworn the battery was fully ch

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