Friday, January 13, 2012

On My Own Again

Today was the last day of my inspection at work. I was told I was going to be going out on my own to deliver my route (like I've been doing for almost 20 years... whoopie!) and that they would only be counting my mail in the morning and keeping an eye on me in the office.

That's what they told me yesterday.

This morning, I was informed that I would not be taking the vehicle normally assigned to my route, but I would be taking one of their 'special' trucks. One of the ones with a GPS unit, so they could track my movements all day long from the comfort of their office.

Okay. Terrific.

So I have the points in my route where I have a bar code that I have to scan, kind of like a night watchman making his rounds. Plus whenever I scan a package for delivery, their computer gets a record of the time I was at that particular address. And now I have a GPS unit tracking my truck, just in case I'm going to try anything tricky.

Okay. Terrific.

Then, while I was out there delivering, one of my supervisors just 'happened' to stop by to see how I was doing. About an hour and a half later, the other supervisor came by. He was 'just checking on how I was doing, making sure I was maintaining a good pace'.

About an hour after that, the first supervisor came by again, this time with the Postmaster in tow. Just to see how I was doing. They interrupted my lunch, but it was no biggie. They were 'just stopping by'.

Later, when it was nearing dark, the supervisor/Postmaster car cruised by again, moving slow and somehow in a vaguely threatening manner. Like a blue metal shark.

Right about this time I stopped drinking any water. Sometimes if I drink water too fast it gives me gas, and I was afraid that if I belched too loudly the police would show up with guns drawn!

Boy, I'm so glad I got to go out on my own again...

Talk to you later!

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