Tuesday, May 17, 2011

4 Hours on the Big Thompson

I went fly fishing on the Big Thompson river in Colorado today. It was a guided trip, half day, out of Kirk's Fly Shop, in Estes Park. Had a great time. They supplied all the gear, rods and waders, stuff like that. I had a great time from the start. Fitting me for waders, the guys were discussing my weight. One said I was about 194 lbs, the other said I was closer to 200. "You're both light," I said. "I'm about 212, last time I weighed myself." I pointed at the 194 guy. "But I WISH I was 194!"
I found out later that the guy who guessed 194 was C-, and he was my guide for the day. He told me later that he was trying to get up to 150 lbs. He's at about 140 now. #$%hole!
There was one other guy who went with us. For our purposes here, his name was E-. E- fly fishes a lot, and had all his own stuff. When we got to the first spot of the day, he put on his own waders, and started to unpack his rod.
"You sure you wanna do that?" said C-. He wiggled one of Kirk's rods at E-. "This is an $800 rod here..."
E- put his own rod away, while I quietly freaked out. An $800 rod? The one I've tried to teach myself on at home cost about $30. I almost had to tell him I was going to have to keep the waders...
We hit a few spots on the river, and I had a great time. I had never fished wet-flies before, but C- was patient, and eventually I started to get the hang of the roll cast. Watching the bobber for the tiny little strikes still almost eluded me. 
Eventually I started to get the slightest hint of the hang of that as well. My total catch for the day:

  • 10 bottom bound sticks
  •  21 rocks
  •  3 trees 
  •  2 fishing guides... 
  •  and 4 rainbow trout
Okay, both of the fishing guides were C-, but since I fish catch-and release anyway, I figure he counts. Both times he had netted a fish for me and forgot to make sure all the hooks were out of the mesh before he started to wade away. But what the hell, I figure I can claim I took two 140 pounders out of the Big Thompson! Not many people can claim that! Under the circumstances, even fewer would

I had a great time. I'll do it again. 

Talk to you later!

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