Tuesday, August 14, 2012

As The Terror Comes to an End

Though usually I at least attempt to be funny on this blog, I'm giving that a pass today and using my serious voice. This is because I have a serious topic.

Okay. Here's the story.

Last week, a popular recurring character in this blog, in other words a recurring character in my life, passed away and was lost to both the friends and family around her and to the readers of this blog.

Born in Salem Massachusetts in the year 1921, The Terror died at the age of 91 (though if asked I would have pegged her age at about a decade younger)  from Waldenstrom macroglobulinemiaa rare form of blood cancer. She was under hospital care at the time.

In 1949, after dropping her young son off at kindergarten, The Terror went out and gained employment with Atlantic Real Estate, thus beginning what would soon become quite a successful career in an era when it was unusual to find a woman in the workplace at all. She went on to sell real estate for the next 61 years.

During that 61 years, among hundreds of other, smaller deals, she managed to broker the sale of our local castle (Yes folks, we have a castle. Gates and towers and whatnot. You can go out in the summertime and see the chauffeur washing the Rolls out on the rotunda) no less than four times. She was known for working tirelessly as well as for her independence and plain speaking; the latter two traits are a part of what made her such a popular character here on WYMOP.

She is survived by her son (also a Realtor), four nieces and nephews, and seven grandnephews.

In honor of The Terror's passing I will post links to all of my existing Terror stories below, and this Friday I will be posting a new Terror tale, one titled "A Hat and A Hood".

Good bye, Terror. You will be missed.

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  1. Very sorry to hear of her passing. Sounds like she was some character! Uh... would it be unkind and horrible of me to say she won't be missed? Aside from the stories, of course.(^;

  2. No, it would be closer to 'truthful' than horrible, actually.
    I do have a couple more Terror stories saved up... one of them will be posted on Friday in her honor.

    Sort of.

  3. I enjoyed all of these, but this one was special. Everyone likes getting even with our superiors... te-he-he!